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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 1:50 AM

the past couple of days sans lawr has been rather good

catching up with juniors over waffletown
Beautiful Creatures
a lazy sunday
first ever mutton soup that left me very literally left me very hot round the collar
sam willows at windowsill pie
the birdy that made my monday
six episodes of Girls

interspersed with thoughts about

and their lack thereof

i think i spend too much time and effort chasing after people who don't seem to care very much. the lack of positive development sends me into a sick cycle- being all the more determined to hang on to people who always seem like they have better people to be with and better things to do, consequently neglecting others. especially since i think things like friendship are mostly a matter of will, if you care enough, your presence will be felt in one way or another. that or people just dgaf. i think somewhere along the way, i have whittled down the number of people in my heart and being a friend doesnt mean the same thing to me now as it did back then. it was to make more space for the ones already in there, but maybe i should have made some shoebox apartments and rented out the rooms instead (OK NVM BAD METAPHOR I KNOW!!!!)

maybe i should just accept that people change circumstances change and move on as everyone seems to have done. yes. that.

there is a guitar lying on my floor right now and although i can't tell the difference between a fret and a g-string think it still ups the cool factor in my room by like a gazillion points.