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one step forward and two steps back
Saturday, February 09, 2013 2:00 AM

i'm mooching around the house this lovely friday morning and suddenly i think that i haven't felt this at peace in a long time. free time in school is filled up with either long lunches or eyes trailing sentences in the library, outside school i squeeze the life out of time for people that i never seem to see enough. but this morning, where i (technically) have nothing to do and nobody to meet and time yawns luxuriously in a cat stretch- salaam

(until lecture time at least)

i never realise that i need alone time until i am actually alone.

it is that time again where i sleep too many hours, my skin turns into tissue and i'm on my knees peering  in from a looking glass.

and that was this morning.

the moments where words are stuck in your throat but you are rehearsing them, over and over in your head and at once contemplating the multitude of possibilities that could be after you say them.

2 coffees and a flask of tea today, now i am jelly in the awkward state of solution that is dissolving from solid into liquid and i await becoming one with my bed.

me to myself is law to legal theorists (specifically those that suscribe to natural law, sorz prof save the Christians i have forgotten who else believes). i am a non-conscious state of being and my conscious self is constantly seeking a definition and discovering exactly who am i

all of which could be more eloquently put but i am tired