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Thursday, November 08, 2012 1:55 PM

the master of timing has the world eating out of his hands

i like 20 minute episodes that i can time my meals to and the number of 20 minute episodes i get through is rather telling of my state of mind. several episodes is a languid meal on an empty afternoon that stretches on as the sauce on my plate solidifies into stains, an episode with lunch can be a much needed reprieve from the dreariness of studying.

and then there are short stories, 15 page marvels of fiction or otherwise that satiates cravings for the written word in the midst of a busy day. or just much needed entertainment on the routine of commute.

a sweet kick of teh peng to direct the afternoon, light tea after a heavy meal or a glass of water after a hot shower. a single (but generous) scoop of ice cream cold and creamy from the freezer for a much needed moment of comfort. timing, really.


i like how The Reporter's Kitchen by Jane Kramer ties food seamlessly with moods and writing. truly a 13 page lunch time respite