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four bowls of rice
Friday, August 10, 2012 12:20 AM

feeling like quite the boss with two laptops on my desk.

K NOW AM SELF-CONSCIOUS ABOUT MY SUPPOSED SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS ON MY BLOG. got meh. what the. and that i suppose, ultimately proves the point.

some things really do hit you when you least expect it. have just realised how uncomfortable cinema seats actually are. in addition to a mysterious butt ache from the morning i now have a neck ache after watching total recall with hu zhu (HEE HEE HEE). am at a rather unfortunate height for cinema seats and my neck ends up in an awkward position instead of the ideal height i.e. in which it is supported by the edge of the cushion. those days of having a shoulder to lean on.

there is nothing that evokes more sadness than the nostalgia for things long gone coupled with the innate understanding that save for the invention of a time machine, they will never be the same. keep busy and you have less time for thinking #truestory

have also been feeling a bit sad at the fact that ichians are all now in different unis/facs, nostalgia is a bitch. there is no group of people that is simultaneously so awesome/full of shit/hamsup/non-judging/funny/fun.