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Sunday, January 08, 2012 11:59 PM

A Comprehensive List of Things I am Jealous about:

1. People who never had to worry about money
2. i.e. their parents are endlessly wealthy
3. and hence have private pools
4. People who look effortlessly gorgeous
5. People who are photogenic
6. People who are both
7. People that seem well put together: brains, looks, charisma, personality, money
8. Friendships of friends (that is not my friendship with them)
9. Anyone currently studying overseas
10. Anyone that has already received their A levels results and they are stellar
11. Anyone who seem any step closer to the realisation of their dreams than I am
12. People that take photographs conscientiously on a regular basis**
13. People currently employed and loving their job
14. Anyone who knows exactly what they want out of life
15. People who are confident that they're going to excel for As
16. Country kids who are close to nature
17. People who strongly believe in their religion and its explanation of the world
18. People who get their zi pai/solo shots liked on facebook
19. Smart, scholarship worthy people
20. Tall people
21. People living in countries that are larger than 704 sq km (yes i am looking at you, SG)
22. People with Rockband at home
23. People who have drinks bought for them at a bar
24. People who have lots and lots and lots of friends outside of school
25. Anyone who does not have 25 things to be insecure about

** Because:
1. They always look like they're having fun
2. They can remember their lives better
3. They make everything look chio
4. I am terminally unable to do that despite 1 and 2 because:
i) my camera skills are limited to (literally) a point and shoot
ii) i see food and i eat it. not take its picture.
iii) i like to soak in the moment instead of recording it with a picture.
iv) i regret it when i cant remember how shit looks like but the cycle of iii) and iv) repeats
v) my photos disappear into a black hole due to my laziness to upload anything

if you fulfill more than 5 of the above criteria, sorry i can't be friends with you anymore. just kidding. you probably do! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the art of bringing a new low to Pathetic.