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birthday wishlist
Thursday, July 21, 2011 7:40 PM

What I Would Like For My Birthday:

1. a full scholarship to a university of my choice ^^
2. all As for Prelims and A levels (mooted if 1. is granted)
3. world peace

ok now for realistic things:

1. a new ipod touch/iphone4/iphone5 ^^

2. chocolate brown instax + film

3. cute socks (crew socks and not ankle) to be worn with my awesome new zara booties
e.g. http://www.sockittome.com/cart/index.php?dispatch=categories.view&category_id=172

4. Bohemia perfume from Marks and Spencers

5. clothes~~~ (tops in particular and gahhhh modcloth.com dresses/swimsuits -lusts-)

6. awesome rings- vintagey gold ones/dark metal ones/dramatic ones that are really long or have chains eheh.

7. makeup: cream/liquid eyeliner//brown eyeshadow palette ------- ya i knw i vain thnx heh.

8. more awesome girly things awesome shoes/bags etc.

9. Books: A Fraction of The Whole - Steve Toltz, The Book of Other People - compiled by Zadie Smith, Five Quarters of the Orange- Joanne Harris, books by any other author which you think is awesome

10. Anything Awesome. my vocabulary is evidently extremely limited ^^