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teenage dream
Sunday, September 19, 2010 8:41 PM

dear anyone who's reading this,

okay finally, here's a post that does not alienate everyone but me.

life has been pretty awesome (apart from the fact that i have an exam tmrw) (and that itchy mosquito bites makes me wanna strip my skin off my muscle or fats)(more likely the latter).

after the week of intensive mugging (or not), my friday was spent at MARINA BAY SANDSSSSSSSSSSSSS *SCREAMS*. lounging at the skypark made me feel pretty damn rich even if i'm not ('twas a free stay after all) and the best parts of the hotel room were the bathtub and the free chocolates laid out on a pretty glass tray that i gobbled up amongst my family's exclamations that it was fake and for decoration.

of course everyone proceeded to snatch them after i ate the first one and let out orgasmic sounds.

the view from the top was amazing, i swear i was able to see things Miles Away! While it would have been nice to have my Girlfriends or even a Valentine (lots of decent looking boyz up there in the sky), all i had were my Brother(s) , mom, cousin and grandma. The city skyline was gorgeous at night too, it'd have been perfect if there were Shooting Stars, I'd have wished that i could stay there forever. Damn, super Lovesick for that place ):

more evidence that i tried to study Carol Ann Duffy while lounging at the sky park at 8 am in the morning. of course i ended up staring into the morning light or people watching more, before i caved in and went for a dip. i swam twice and went up to the skypark thrice in the duration of two days and a night, i mean SERIOUSLY. LOOK AT THAT VIEW. i could live there forever.

my head's filled with nothing but half crafted fantasies of post-promos plans (none of which includes PW) and websites like *moment of Father being a complete killjoy while i jizz to gorgeouz roadtrip pix* http://www.readplatform.com/maui-wowie/# and http://www.readplatform.com/toasted-and-coasted/

of course, no exotic trips to egypt/turkey/africa/eastern europe/italy/paris for me. the family is probably going to go to Hokkaido and look at white stuff on tall pointy formations and then ski down them while i freeze my sorry ass off. like Antoinette I NEED THE SUN. my idea of "r&r" is lying by golden beaches with a mojito. ironically, while the idea of traipsing in such lovely culturally and visually rich places ups my heartbeat, i do not like the process of travelling or more specifically moving. while i know people like nq (hi ningqian) loves flying, i hate sitting in a cramped seat for 1001 hours, it is all very "ARE WE THERE YET ARE WE THERE YET?!?!"

o boy. i should really be reading about mise en scene and portrayals of diverse female experiences right now.

and just saying that reminds how much i do not have a life. dear friends, let's make a list of crazy things to do and really Do It this time like Lauren&Grace (ref: above links). I'M 17, I SHOULD BE FALLING OVER DRUNK/STONED EVERYDAY AND CLIFF JUMPING AND GOING ON ROADTRIPS INSTEAD OF BEING SUBJECTED TO EXAMS. for now, i only have my 14 inch long to satisfy my desires.

... 14 inch laptop la.