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fight the feeling
Saturday, August 21, 2010 10:38 AM

talent time was awesome, am extremely impressed by everyone, cherie germ l2p chenxi infinity and ellipse. seriouslyyyy chenxi's voice just makes you melt! ! ! ! ! and now that song is stuck in my head forever.

thoughts and dots:

1. my constant need for independence yet clinginess is going to destroy me one day.
-thought of while on NR1 home, having missed the last train departing from marina bay. got on the bus, realized that the yog free transport does not work for NRs, had not enough $$ in my ez-link card and not enough coins. f.m.l. luckily the bus driver was kind and let me on anyway ): why did i not just beggg my dad to fetch me home, i don't know.

2. the littlest things can bring me up- and down again. my mood has been swinging so quickly these days that it scares me.

3. why are the nights so difficult to get through?

4. i said i will never go there again.