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this is what's left of us- like broken glass
Saturday, June 26, 2010 12:28 PM

okay, am absolutely procrastinating. i really should be studying history, but instead i'm uploading photos onto facebook, making stupid captions, reading blogs and dreaming about hair.


(via kimberlygrace.tumblr.com)
IS MY DREAM HAIR. NOT KIDDING. i love the pink and the purples and how it just screams My Little Pony. But blonde is extreme (the irony) and id love to have just the ends of my hair in those lollipop colours. of course, i cant imagine what those chemicals are going to do to the texture of my hair or who knows, maybe after everything id have nothing left but scalp. cursed thin weak hair. this mildly reminds me of my pink extensions, OH HOW IVE MISSED YOU.

who knows, maybe after As ;) or after this eoys. WHO KNOWS WHO KNOWS.

zz damn no mood to study.