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l o v e's just another word i never learned to pronounce
Sunday, June 20, 2010 11:53 AM

1. you seem happy now and who am i to take that from you, if things can be such a burden

2. its gone. how?

3. i bet you don't even come here anymore and sometimes, i still feel sad. because i thought it was special. but that's what everyone thinks isn't it? that it was special when perhaps it never was in the first place.

4. i wanna tell you something THIS BADLY but i can't.

5. 3 am, 4 am. you'd never be here so i guess being more explicit is fine. this feels familiar, familiar but a different. a little less eloquent but 10 times funnier. the vibes tell me yes no yes no (to the tune of STARSTRUKK) so i wouldn't really know, no? still, it freaks me out a bit because "habit forming goods have a low price elasticity" and how would i know whether 3 months from now, it wouldn't be the same sad story all over again?

6. sorry, i realise i'm a very _ _ _ _ (inserts shu yu) kind of person.

outraged, coz my brother beat my high score at iRoach >: