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pardon my weirdness
Tuesday, April 06, 2010 9:36 PM

i'm feeling particularly strange tonight. now what is this feeling that i cannot quite fathom? is it... happiness? not really. is it.... melancholy? definitely not.

IM SO SO SO SO SO SO DISTRACTED i cannot do anything related to math and history right now even though that is what i should be doing. i do not have the heart to "reorganise my life" either because papers are everywhere and filing is so so so tiring and boring.

instead, all that i feel like doing is PLAY BAND HERO !!!! !!! !!!! !!! that stupid game is crazy addictive, my cousin (who lives 4 floors below me) has it on the wii but of course it would be indecent to demand to play it at 9.38 pm on a school night. instead, i have found a mildly suitable substitute. that is: listening to bulletproof-la roux while playing crazy taxi on facebook or rolling on the floor. i have done both. they are really really really entertaining. thats why i cannot live in the hostel. theres nowhere that tolerates me doing weird things like home.

the highlight of my week has become MPS. because there is a very cute malay/indian dude there. WHY IS MY LIFE SO SAD. whines. groans. makes other intelligible sounds. but of course, if that doesn't work out, i completely wouldn't mind Morpheus (the lord of dreams from the comic series The Sandman). he is hot.

alrightey i shall appear online now