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life, as it sucks now.
Tuesday, March 02, 2010 10:26 PM

10.33 pm and i haven't updated for a while,

this is what the emotional cavity of my brain looks like :

1. sometimes, it gets so hard to carry on. it scares me to think that this, this shit is the same shit that i'm going to have to go through every single school day for the next 2 years. i don't think i can endure many months more of this let alone 2 years. it's just kind of sad, to think that i'm 17 and right now, im just waiting for this to end and life to begin.

2. i miss the feeling of belonging. i miss 4i.

(credits : eunice's tumblr)
4. this nothingness is what we have been reduced to. i'm sad. im scared. i don't know how to make things right again.
5. i wish that i had more talent. and more sleep.