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i wish we'd lose tomorrow pleasseee ^ 1001
Saturday, March 06, 2010 12:01 AM

if i post this post it would be my 444th & and im hoping that that the suayness of it all would equate to suayness in our favour = losing! sometimes it can be so sad to be a team that is so damn surprised at any achievement at all and after the ups and downs of all these years, just learn not to have any expectations. the thought of these little achievements, taken for granted by other schools but are such significant milestones to us, it's just kind of sad. oh well. but i really don't want to get into grands & get trashed (again) by people so not in our league. but i don't want to do too badly either, if you get what i mean. so darn tired now. watched the juniors v.s. evergreen sec today and they won! so proud of you guys (: queenie, JUST ONE MORE. heh. um. ok. i end here.