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Sunday, February 21, 2010 1:21 PM

math is frustration spelt with an M. i think everyone must be so sick of hearing me complain about math by now. but. whatever.

such is the process of doing math.

1. work on one question for >20 minutes, constantly flipping through notes
2. finding out my answer is wrong or getting a too strange to be true value
3. FRUSTRATION!!!! = >5 minutes lying on the floor listening to my ipod and playing with dogs
4. next 15 minutes is spent walking around the house, surfing the net, drinking water and looking out the window
5. returns to question.
6. still can't figure out what's wrong
7. rinse and repeat

so funny, weisin and i are heading over to mr tan's tuition centre for math tuition later. so good to see a math teacher i can actually understand and his funny whiskers again. for now, giving up is calling my name.