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fake what you don't have
Sunday, January 24, 2010 9:40 PM

i have recently taken to calling everyone "chewren"/"chow" for the fun of it. school has been tiring and although i quite look forward to breaks, i still find it ridiculous that we have so many breaks but yet we end at 5. i quite like the new school library. i ate an apple and xinmun's cookie in the reading room on friday. is it just me or has anyone else realised that the sun is setting later and later? @ 7.14 pm today it looked as if it could be 6.15 pm. i quite like receiving emails that are not to do with work. today, i went to buy cny clothes with my mom but instead of buying clothes, i got an eyeliner from sephora, a book, rainbow mentos and orange m&ms, while she got a new wallet.

ok, one paragraph of mundane things because i couldn't think of anything to blog about.

the arrival of the new principal has stirred up plenty of controversy, quite funny really. facebook groups have been sprouting up and i think too much exposure to his lengthy speeches is going to make my english deprove. (see, noob alr, there's no such word as deprove!)

ok im really darn uninspired. we end at 5pm tmrw. joy to the world.