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Friday, December 04, 2009 2:27 PM

ugh am currently feeling really really gross. i have these two really huge ulcers on my inner lip and maybe because all the nutrients that goes to my lips are sent to feed these monstrosities, my lips are uber chapped and dry :( damned evil parasites. sebamed lip defense and ulcer cream better work (i've been spamming).

it has been raining nearly everyday lately and when it isn't raining, the heat is suffocating. the rain puts me in such a lazy mood that all i feel like doing is stoning in front of the computer looking at the same few webpages.

holiday resolutions:

1. stop spending so much time on the computer
2. read more and write more
3. brush my teeth before i go to bed at night (i don't, at the moment)
4. stop accidentally biting my lips and creating more ulcers

i find that i have nothing interesting to post these days. but i will blog for the sake of blogging (ref holiday resolution #2) and to stop my blog from dying.

so, to blog for the sake of blogging, i have decided that i will blog Random things.

Random Memory 1:

One year during debates season, we had our (stupid) annual cross country at turf club and right after cross country, debaters had to dash over to jere's condo to bathe at the toilets by the pool and then over to KAP for training. i remember jere's shampoo bottle for some reason, it was red and it was "intensive care for dyed hair". the toilet was huge too.

Random Song Lyric 1:

the ergonomics keyboard never leaves me bored
- White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic

(loh jing yen, if you happen to be reading this, it reminds me of you)

these 2 random thoughts popped into my head just now, for some reason or no reason at all.

ok it is 3.30, time to start getting ready to meet nq+yj for dinner at bugis and then over to dunman high for theatre sports finals.


(i learnt this in the straits times today, it means 暂时byebye, so cute right)