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SO ANGRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, December 26, 2009 12:50 AM

ugh i am fuming fuming fuming right now because my mom is insistent that i come home on sunday night from 2b chalet, ONE DAY BEFORE MY 2B CHALET. fuming fuming fuming >:

mommy dearest apparently didn't know chalets were 3d2n. uh like HELLO I HAVE BEEN ATTENDING CHALETS SINCE SEC1 AND YOU TELL ME YOU DIDNT KNOW CHALETS ARE 3D2N????

not to mention i TOLD you in taiwan.

what. the. hell. man.

hate it when parents pull the "just because i'm your parent, you must listen to me and not to reason because duh i am your Maker and i am above reason" !!!!!! what-ever. so angry so angry so angry.

i've locked myself in my room and am switching from typing furiously on the keyboard to texting furiously on my phone. SO ANGRY.

did i mention that i have the propensity to cry when i'm angry? like rant rant rant SO ANGRY rant rant SO ANGRY CRY RANT RANT CRY CRY SO ANGRYYYY!!!! but no of course i'm not crying now, not so lame. but i am angry. being angry also makes me more incoherent than usual.