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summer days, drifting away
Sunday, November 29, 2009 1:51 PM

went to malacca on friday (i prefer to call it a road trip, sounds so much cooler) and bought stuff at ridiculously low prices woohoo. strangest purchase: a blue&white glazed chinese porcelain pot. it's now sitting prettily and useless-ly on my table.

the easiest way to identify singaporeans in malaysia is to go to the supermarket and look for people who buy enough chewing gum to feed an African nation.

105th reason why i cannot make a good housewife:

while slicing oranges (in the wrong way) this morning, i almost stabbed myself in the stomach.

mundane things:
1. the coming week is going to be busy yay
2. for now im feeling lazy
3. im supposed to tidy my room now
4. i want to go to the library
5. and swim, or rather slack by the pool