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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:30 PM

let me pretend that im really okay with staying at home, without any substantial plans whatsoever on marking day.

i feel so abandoned :(


went to my granduncle's song4 bing1 thingy this morning (i really have no idea what is its english equivalent) and there's just something particularly haunting about watching the coffin tip into the incinerator. i couldn't help but consider the possibility what if he's still alive in there?! apparently it takes several hours for the bones to burn.

there are so many rituals for death, the same way that there are so many religions, each with their own theory about what happens after you die and how the world came about. each religion has their miracles and their fervant followers and for people like me, i wonder which one is true. they can't all be true, can they. there's bound to be some clash. so i wonder, how can anyone believe whole-heartedly in something, without there being any clear proof (for lack of a better word) that it is definitely, confirm plus chop, true?

i guess, that's the reason why another word for religion is faith.

hm. what else.

oh yes. i was kind of in a bad mood and mildly pissed off (understatement) yesterday so i dragged my dog out for a run at tiong bahru park. run + me = miracle, everyone. in the end i really did end up dragging her, tsk finally found an organism more unfit than me in this world.

oh and if anyone is interested in owning a black stray that goes by the name of Shari or Chari (i really dont know how to spell her name) do let me know, she is the sweetest dog ever and doesn't bark at all.

um okay. life sucks for now, that's all.