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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 9:13 PM

oh blogger is so screwed im so tempted to move over to xanga or something. anything is better than this horrible excuse of a layout for updates! but then again, not like i update very often anyway.

life is not looking up. at a glance everyday seems to be as bad as the next, bad boring blue. yet i suppose there are gratifying moments that shine brightly, but all good things come to an end and next they crash and burn. very much like wishing stars i suppose. bright dazzling but they streak across the sky in the blink of an eye and the next, they're gone.

that night i was walking cookie when i came to a realisation that fawning over good looking juniors and cute ickle boys is not healthy. BOREDOM~~~ TELL ME HAVE ALL GOOD GUYS MIGRATED TO MARS OR SOMETHING?! because i insist on following.

oh speaking of cookie. im quite sick and tired of being ragged on (correct preposition?) about my dogs.they're Family after all and we all know the unwritten rule about Families.i love them with all my heart even if they poop all over the place sometimes. i shall not elaborate any further.

oh i am suddely reminded of Lilo&Stitch. Harh how appropriate. Lilo IS awfully cute ... (Ohana~)

i've come to realise that the arts&humanities in RV damn fail pls. ok lag but it isnt a sudden realisation, it really hit me when i realised that whatever arts&humanities related thing you join in RV, be it a competition or cca or whatever, you always come to meet the same people. PARTICULARLY in the year4 cohort! so disappointing but so expected. whatever it is, it's like always the 4i people and maybe a smattering of people from other classes, usually also people i've met before. el people, thimun people, elit people etc.

ok i just typed an incriminating paragraph about After School today. it is now deleted.

jolly. tomorrow's thursday, my absolute favourite day of the week. we end at 4 pm.

here's to hoping i'd update more often from now on.