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this brand of regret, i'd never forget.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 8:20 PM

the sky is this dark ominous shade of red and this means that it is going to rain tonight. red sky at night, sailor's delight. red sky in the morning, sailor's warning. luckily i came home from the park before it rained or else .... uh. it won't be pretty. yes.

my mom used to disallow me from going to the park at night. okay she still does but this time i went anyway, after all she was the one who chased me and cookie out of the house while she tried to sell my homey tiong bahru flat :( sad face. i do not want to live in toa payoh. i am a southerner!!!! >:

i went to the park with trepidation because my mom made it sound like there were rapists hiding in the bushes and lunatics behind the slides, but all that there were quite several joggers, old men sitting around and a bunch of people meditating to weird music. extremely strange. but there was this shifty old man with a moustache at the benches by the swing with suspicious bottles beside him. not like he could try anything anyway, cookie will bite his balls off. not kidding.

the park really does seem so much more ... romantic at night. not in a wovey dovey way. the energy of the park kind of slows down into a dream like state and i felt kind of weightless and free walking through it. or maybe it's just the meditating people getting to me.

i never realised how thick my thin hair can be until i cut it short.

another language arts question for you:

1) explain the paradox in "离开是最亲切的靠近"