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Friday, August 14, 2009 11:04 PM

i reread my old posts and im like.. gosh i used to be THAT happy?

oh woe to be me, jaded senior who seems to suffer from a perpetual lack of sleep. today was bad, i hope tomorrow would be better. McDonalds was comforting, thanks tofu for the choc sundae and kasey makes me feel like a withered nun. ah, so we shall see where things progress from here.

i've been feeling too much of nothing lately, either nothing or extreme negativity, i'm not quite sure which one do i prefer.

ive decided that i shall try to blog happier and hopefully that means i can be happier too! awesome self hypnotism, is it not? tomorrow the elit class is watching The Crucible and i couldnt be more excited i sure hope that it's great~.


okay. so not working.