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turn on others before they do on you.
Sunday, July 05, 2009 9:23 PM

i realise i havent updated for about a gazillion years, for a variety of reasons.

blogging no longer holds appeal for me, considering that i'm quite done with words. sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me. really? the power of words (how appropriately language arts) and its tremendous responsibility are too much for me to bear and i do not wish for people to misinterprete what i say. the same way that im tired of constantly watching out for the double meanings of the words of others.

realise that whenever i'm upset, i do not like to blog. think occasions on which i close my blog, sometimes of reasons unbeknownst to all but me.because when i'm sad, i do not like to aerate my troubles to the entire blogosphere but i can't pretend that nothing has happened and talk about other things.

the same way i can't pretend i'm ok when i'm not.

so this may be my last blog post in a while.however, i'm too sentimental to give cosmic-idiot.bs up, after all this place holds four years of memories. i will be back but...don't hold your breath.

i don't know why, but this year particularly i find that i have to constantly remind myself to

not let what others say define who i am.

in my personal opinion, i think that as people grow older, we become more judgemental, ready to classify and criticise. we are quick to pass our opinion on things, sometimes without understanding the complexity of the situation or even pausing to think about the consequences of what we say. often, we judge at face value and have become more inclined to condemnation as compared to praise and empathy.

"follow your heart" they say, but i think the brain has a point too. too much of our emotions colour our moral values and impede the making of sound judgements. evaluation and reflection is a lost art, the line between being rational and "because i feel like it" is blurring.

while i'm in no way an advocate for the suppression of the personal voice and the stepford-wifesation (i made that word up) of society, i continue to believe in the necessity for watching our words and thoughts. such that even if one chooses to broadcast particularly controversial opinions, at least it makes sense and has a certain degree of truth to it. if people say things for the sake of it and do not consider the rationality and implications of their words, i don't know why do they even bother. for in the end, they are but exposing their own twisted banal mind, or perhaps the absence of one. don't forget, what's said cannot be unsaid.

ok now that's some food for thought. before anyone starts jumping to conclusions, IT ISNT ABOUT ANYONE, but insight into some of my personal guiding principles.

oh and here's a big hug for people who have been around these days, thanks for everything <3

and this marks the beginning of a while.