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Monday, July 27, 2009 11:01 PM

gosh, so damn angry right now.

it is downright disgusting, the way some people have ambitions unbefitting of their capabilites or those of which are simply twisted.

some people = certain figures of authority in cca = yes that really round one.

it is of interest how history repeats itself in the smallest of matters. Now do not say that students to not apply what they learn in class!

babe, you were so born in the wrong century, you should have been right there next to hitler during ww2, you two would have had an amazing partnership. we are NOT your SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS nor do you have the right to create an Aryan race out of us. stop playing politics with your students and attempt to eliminate your "political opposition" that are obstructions in your way towards creating a dictatorship out of our cca.

in the central article, the author discussed about governments having the moral right to rule. that citizens feel that the government represents their people and are looking out in their best interests, that they put their faith in the government. firstly, you do not rule. the cca is not your kingdom that acts according to your whims and fancies. when you cross certain thresholds and border on being unreasonable as you are doing now (understatement), no way are we your minions that simply do what we're told, like brain dead zombies, something that the education system DOES NOT ENCOURAGE US TO BE AND YOU ARE!

and you, you you you you you do not represent our views in any way and do not look out for our welfare! or rather, you look out for our welfare, in the way YOU think is right! a cca teacher is supposed to represent her cca instead of imposing her views on them and even attempting to create a new culture all by herself!

and you you you you you do not have the right to rule either! you come in and attempt to overthrow every single one of our traditions and let me tell you, okay, eldds will NOT BE OPPRESSED. not by filthy scum like you, not by anyone.

you may be a teacher, but you only have that in title. in no way do you teach us valuable moral lessons nor have anything in your character at all that is worthy of us learning from. in fact, the example that you are setting for us today is downright inappropriate, conniving and despicable. it is due to the fact that the education line has teachers like YOU, that breeds such "insolent" youths.

the irony is that while we are encouraged to be "self disciplined", "take our learning into our hands", "be responsible for our actions", "be independent", the ELDDS teacher in charge is doing the direct opposite, by attempting to gain complete autonomy of the cca. all she wants is a puppet president, while she stands on her high horse and moulds eldds into the way SHE wants.

i suppose the most basic quality of being a teacher, or even being an intellectual, is for our actions to make sense and have well thought out reasons behind them.

you have failed.

and i am utterly disgusted that the other teachers, whom i expected to be much more than this half of a woman, are going along with this preposterous plan. anyone with half a brain would be able to see the FLAWED LOGIC of it all.

i'm not even going to BOTHER replying to your simply retarded comments about me as a person. read excerpt.

"Firstly, you spouted that Wei Lin doesn't deserve to be in the committee because of the inappropriate manner she sits in lecture theatres and how her hair is in a perpetually messy state"
- clichedcolumnist.blogspot.com

joke of the year, this is. humans, read this and formulate your own rebuttals to this argument made by an orangutan. i puke blood, that we have a retard as our cca teacher.

i hate you, cca teacher in charge, to the very core of my being. our debates coach is gone, but you're not doing away with us too.

We're not going down without a fight.

disclaimer: all similarities to real life figures and situations are purely coincidental. the author does not hold responsibility for any of her thoughts here. they are lies. yes. lies they are.