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time again, i remind myself to not let what others think of me define who i am
Sunday, June 21, 2009 12:26 AM

i think i have a duo personality. on one hand, i can freak out about things. and on the other hand, i am perfectly able to console myself and offer positive spirited advice. it's like i'm the suicidal emokid and the suicide hotline all in one, tell me i'm awesome.

"the only normal people are the ones you don't know very well"- Joe Ancis

(credits: littlemiss)

i like these quotes, i really do. i like to think of people as treasure troves of stories, that each and everyone of us have histories, adventures and tribulations that bring us to where we are today. our different pasts and varied interpretations of them really shapes character and creates unique individuals.

which is why i think the most interesting part of a friendship is when you are still getting to know a person (although you can never truly FINISH understanding someone). little factoids beyond information found on the fb profile and anecdotes that offers great insight into the mentality of one. there are always some people who seem to have so much more depth, with sophisticated and unique ways of thinking that makes them seem so much more intruiging and interesting than others. although like the quote says, "everyone is lovable when you've heard their story."

right. the end.