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how i feel, read my lips.
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 3:29 PM

my life at the moment is extremely uninspiring.

all the same, certain thoughts continue to loom but they no longer seem to be as dire as i made them out to be. maybe im maturing. ^^ or maybe i've gotten so used to things that i don't really care, nor feel the necessity to make an effort anymore.

it's like there's a thick wall between the world and i. like nothing can truly get to me, you know. very ~zen~.

nothing exists till you give it a name. it's human nature to sort things into categories and label them. after all, nothing's a problem until you say it is one.

i think sometimes, people don't change, but how we feel about them change. ouch that sounds painful, but still. it's pretty true. change is growth, growth is change. people grow at different speeds and in different directions and their scope of thinking changes too.

only for you, liar.

it's not that clear, but it's something! and there are more of those extensions.ahem. you can see it the next time you see me.

now the only question is. how to go to school for debates. -_-

my mom has this scary way of sneaking behind me when im blogging.