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Thursday, May 14, 2009 6:17 PM

zomg. i just finished 炒菜-ing for the very first time in my life.

i mistook onions for garlic and tried to crush them using the crusher, added the garlic first instead of the oil, stood 1m away from the wok holding the fryer thingum at an awkward angle because i was scared the oil would splatter me (and it did) and jumped around the wok because my right arm was tired from frying.

炒菜-ing sucks but i do feel so accomplished. meh. there is a reason for me knowing how to cook maggi mee but never cook before after all. inside joke. ahem.

ive been home since 4.50 but i havent started on my rmun presentation!!!!! T.T

procrastinates procrastinates procrastinates.

and there's that whole fashion parade and rmun presentation on saturday too.

honestly, all i feel like doing now that midyears is over, is to stay at home with tubs and tubs of chocolate creme pudding, kimchi soup, cheese prata and my backlog of books.

plus watch 书包太重 every night and just ~chill~