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Sunday, May 03, 2009 7:10 PM

tell me i'm not the only one scared shitless for midyears. the past 5 days were awesome, in this weird twisted way. ive been out for all of the past five days, studying with my fellow muggers :3 & seeing cherie loh everyday (yuck hahahaha)

the 5 days of course have been a rather unequal mix of slacking and studying. including watching x-men origins, playing build house, taking long yummy lunches, traipsing around the Carribean, getting drunk on champagne grape ice-blended and laughing about nothing.

referendum of the lounge!

i absolutely cannot prove trigo equations. i just can't! and apparently you are supposed to know by your "gut instinct" but, hello i do not possess mathematical instincts of any sort.

give me the strength to run the marathon of the next 5 days.

am so scared.