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Friday, April 10, 2009 10:46 PM

hello world. i am feeling thoughtful today.

i think

that the basis of all human relations and choices in life boils down to one thing - prioritisation. it's a chicken and egg thing in the end though. for example, the passion that you have, the amount of effort you put in, your relationships with the people around you. they play a significant role into how you prioritise, yet are results of your prioritisation. sometimes when people tell me 'i cannot do this i cannot go for this', i cant help but think that

no, not that you cannot, but you are choosing not to, you are prioritising something else over this. that you are not putting in enough effort into maintaining this thing we have and i think that in the end, perhaps you dont really care.

of course, that only happens in certain cases. i like to think that i'm not that unreasonable and i dont have to be anyone's top priority. but on certain occasions when im like thinking that the priorities are all wacked blahblah follow logical train of thought > there is something wrong that has resulted in this phenomenon.

and then i think, what is wrong? can i do something about this? is it my fault?


if you can't tell already, i take things quite personally.


suddenly i lost my humorous mood. but all the same, i had lots of fun with disco today :)

i'm just glad that after so long, some things never change.

oh. and i'm also glad that i never have to go to army, after listening to recounts of zp yp abt it.

omg. i know people who are in the army. i feel so old.