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quiz & random.
Thursday, April 16, 2009 8:34 PM

first and foremost, am so happy for el. the world my stage, el my life. no matter what happens, id always be proud of eldds.

credits to wanyi;

Ten Things To Ten random people:

1. you are the secret i'd never tell.
2. you gain some you lose some. ive never been one to do things halfway but it's ok, i understand. things may or may not work out.
3. i'm looking for you.
4. you don't have to do this. i'm sorry. (sometimes)
5. i don't really know you anymore. is this fake, holding back, or all that there is?
6. we've changed. maybe that is ok.
7. i'm always here.
8. i'm sorry. always have been.
9. i wish i knew you better
10. i hope we're not losing it.

am so not in the mugging mood zzzzzzzz.