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i know you think i'm a bitch
Saturday, April 25, 2009 10:31 PM

in the process of growing up, one realises that people are always going to say shit about them and think shit of them no matter what. it doesn't matter what they say, because they're always going to be saying SOMETHING. so what can we do? we accept it, we move on, we remember that there are people around us who love us for being us. we're not going to let the opinions of some random person define who we are or change the way we feel about ourselves. bending over backwards to change the opinions of others isn't necessary either, because if it isn't true, it isn't true, and it'd show with time. not everyone is going to approve of our actions and sometimes we don't approve of our own either. but yes, we've done it, we have our reasons and we're not ashamed, for it still is a part of who we are. you can be not-ok with it and us? we will be ok with you being not-ok.

oh i'm so insightful they should just quote me on a tumblr.