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Sunday, March 08, 2009 12:08 PM

what's life without a little drama right, yet i am glad that everything is sortof resolved. thanks for everything, everyone. (:

here's a happyish post for a change, writing about my saturday of which noone wants to know about HEH.

anyway. so. had debates in the early afternoon, i have the cutest and craziest juniors, love love. then went to find mal and yl at frigging boonlay. on the bus my brother's phone ran out of batt and i spent about 10 minutes debating whether to borrow the phone of the person next to me, but then. he alighted. i ended up borrowing the phone of the rjc girl sitting behind me, of which i took another 5 minutes to gather the courage.

i am very shy. rly.

i think the icing room is so super cool, i wanna ice someone's cake! :D

then at night went to the uh. thing. the singapore entertainment awards, i didnt want to go at first but it was pretty cool IN THE END, seeing that at the beginning it was like damn leng3 and i felt kindda bad for the artistes who tried to be high.

p.s. zouyin i saw your hubby hehehehe JEALOUS RIGHT.

chen qi zhen's voice is like liquid honey

p.p.s. cheer up my emo friends. i.e. ningqian and chris.