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verbal diarrhea
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 8:03 PM

ironically, it is very tiring to be at home now. all the things that my mom says to me at home are related to:

1) prospects of math/chinese tuition
2) going through chinese cheng yu
3) year 4 being a very important year (repeat x 1001)
4) can you stop going out and come home earlier?!

no, i cannot. because i am being stifled by the pressure at home, woman. not to mention i don't wanna waste my youth away.

i like to think i'm at the peak of my (general knowledge) education. because i keep reading newspapers and times and qing nian wen zhai (attempted). meh do not believe that all teenagers are well informed, thus with me reading newspapers makes me zai by default.

sometimes i feel a bit sad that i still have 2 more years to go in rv. it is getting rather monotonous. especially since the people ive seen in sec 1 are going to be the same ones that i see in year 6. YAWN. i think i need more friends.

i think it is true, what they say. that the time between sec sch and jc is the period of time where you grow and mature a lot. unfortunately, some people who really DO need the maturity wont be able to get it.

call it pack instinct, strength in numbers, or stupidity committed by more than one, i do feel quite horrified that i am going to have to continue facing certain males for another 2 years. not saying that i am very mature, but seriouslyyyyy, immature also dont need to be uncouth and retarded one right. hint hint.

i like the careers that ecareers.sg gave me, seems very fun and very me. yay.

am craving bk taro turnover.

am sian.