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i am passionate about this topic for some reason thus WORDY POST AHEAD.
Thursday, March 19, 2009 11:01 PM

teachers/coaches/members of higher authorities assume that respect is a given and "because i am your ____, you will listen to me." i think they have forgotten what it is like to be young, simply because they have forgotten that respect is something that needs to be earned.

they think that we can't tell, you know. that we can't tell which of them do things because they genuinely care about us, and which of them do things because they care about the results and only at their convinience. or worse, which of them do things just so that they can protect themselves such that they don't get into trouble.

well, we can.

i understand that they have a strict code of moral conduct to adhere to such that discipline is upheld, but rules are dead, people aren't. it irritates me when they thump their rulebooks and say 'this is not allowed no matter what' 'the school says this so this is it' 'you know i can get into a lot of trouble for this', they who are like that, really don't care about you.

oh how i detest that last quote, to say the least.

no, i am not saying that my favourite teachers are those who break the rules, but rather, are those who are willing to bend them for the welfare of the students in appropriate situations. yet when shit happens, they'd always be there to protect and help you. miss dora lee was one of those great teachers. i think instead of disliking her, you should be learning from her instead. it is disgusting, the way it is so obvious from so many fronts that you don't care at all.

oops lets not get too personal shall we.

moving on, i think it is beyond heinous when they place their own convinience as top priority in all circumstances. in my opinion, the education profession is a very emotionally demanding job, it is often inevitable that a certain bond is built between them and the students. however when one is able to leave simply because it is inconvinient for them, it really shows how much they care about the students (they do not) and how this job in education is just something to pass the time till something better comes along.

if one truly cares and wants to help, theyd cross mountains and rivers, or perhaps just from clementi to boonlay. rather obvious then, that you don't. tragic.

oops too personal, once again.

as mentioned, we can tell, you know. it's in the details.

teachers who care for their students gain my utmost respect. it is actually a fundamental thing, if you are in the education line. yet, how terribly disappointing that it has become a quality that few possess, such that i don't see it in them who are around me.

don't haul me off to counselling, all that i've said are baseless thoughts of my own, they are LIES, if you so wish to think that way.