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Sunday, February 08, 2009 12:36 PM

good morfternoon everyone im feeling damn nua dissolves into a puddle.

lost to st theresa's on friday and best speaker was my pri schmate with same speaker roles as me, joy to the world the lord has come i think a part of me just died a little inside.

reading ritchell's blog makes me feel like crying, for some reason or another.

2009 has been sucking, 08 was about making do with the things we have and now 09 is about making things the way we want it to be. yet it doesn't make me feel any better, instead i have this general feeling of something being missing. emogirl93 much?

now that my dad has become a teacher (i know lik omgwtf?!) he keeps asking me if i need help in maths have i learnt intergration you got no homework meh why u keep using the computer if you dont regularly revise with me im gonna send u back to mr ho for tuition there is no such thing as an interesting math teacher etcetcetc and im like. yawn. hate maths. why have i not inherited his maths genes?!

anyway on happier things, yesterday was seah liqin's bday loveyaloveyaloveya girl and the few of us went to miss clarity's for lunch and bugis street for shopping. beef vol au vent is da shiz and so is bugis street. shopping there is orgasmic with the prices.

http://second-interval.blogspot.com for pictures

& wednesday marks the formation of That Band, and the rolling pebbles has given us rave reviews. pls read http://ame-liabilty.blogspot.com

yes i do realise that i keep making mention of other people's blogs.

and shirleen xie i am free lor is dk who hor only free in the evening cough.

i feel like swimming and reading,although not necessarily at the same time.