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i surrender to the never ever end of all this love
Saturday, February 14, 2009 12:04 AM

im feeling rather cranky now but i'm going to update all the same.

so, happy valentine's day everyone and happy birthday to changning as well x3

so today was the Day-Before-Valentine's-Day-Day, and there were lots of "happy valentine's day! hughug smilesmile thankyou" blahblah going on and i received lots of prezzies teeheehee so


hahaha thanks ah, i got like some damn creative ones these year like shirleen's heart dixun's cup noodles ++++ i love every one of my prezzies i wanted to take a pic of it all but my phone isnt with me at the mo

cos cyn and i have traded phones and im now proudly in posession of her damn glam samsung touch screen, super cool can i love touch screen phones!

anyway vday is so fun this year, cos somehow it has become so much more... SCANDALOUS. Vday09 has seen a large influx of guys growing balls and expressing their um.. admiration for random girls in school and the stories of "you know, WHO buy WHAT for WHO leh!" is friking hilarious!!!

yay, keep your balls boyz and the gossip mongers happy, thank you very much.

i was unsure before, but now it couldn't be clearer.