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Wednesday, January 21, 2009 8:30 PM

first and foremost, thanks everyone for ur tags theyre rly nice of you and not to mention super funny too hahahhaha. and esp annabelle and user (?!) since i dont technically know you guys but it's nice of uall to tag anyway :D

Mr Math has been pmsing like crazy recently, i dont just think he hates me now, i think he hates our class. and i am so scared of him i didnt even dare to feel sleepy today and resorted to the sec2 trick of spraying water onto my eyes.

oh el ppl had auditions today for some moe educational video shit hahaha i hope we all get in tgt itd b so fun and hilarious. PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR~ maybe we can become celebrities!! (liar i read ur blog r u jealous hehehe)

and theyre filming something at my house thr! i think its some drama serial, how cool is that. i came home today to my lift lobby and found myself at the back of a film set and had to amble over some box beside the cameraman to enter the lift. mediacorp buses are perma parked at the carpark too but ive never actually seen any celebrities or get discovered as the NBT or get to be an extra, it is veli sad.

anyway, i think guys who ask "how do you talk to girls?" are very very very .... stupid. and will never be able to talk to a girl properly.

i think everyone needs time apart sometimes, you know absence makes the heart grow fonder and blahblah inserts more proverbs. because sometimes when people are around each other too much, they start to nitpick about the little things that probably won't matter in the grand scheme of things, but they are magnified when it's constantly in your face.

bballing after school is fun fun fun however i am very unskilled canxz. however i am occasionally tyco.

okay this is the end of the random thoughts i had today. i probably had more but i cant remember what i think about most of the time.

oh one last thing. annies = creative hua chi ass.