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i want nobody but chuuu
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 4:51 PM

dear 人,

my blog is so dead it's disgusting because i am lazy and i am eezy beezy! mostly busy though just thinking about the things that i have to do stresses me out infinitely.

to rub salt onto my wound, i have caused this massive crack in my 10 bux watch with thin straps and i am not happy. school has not been smooth lately, things get too complicated sometimes for my liking. but there's still the obligatory laugh out loud moments especially when i have a retarded seat partner.

the lame brit parliamentary style debate is tmrw, science buskers rehearsal on friday, science buskers comp on saturday. yay me i am so ready (:

please please please let me get through this week without having to turn to drugs booze and other highly lethal things like jumping out of my window due to stress.

nb ranger an ant just bit me.

i will be back, hopefully soon.