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Monday, January 26, 2009 12:14 AM

hey "F.U.C.K.I.N.G." Ben:

firstly, i feel sooooo sad for you because you were flaming me on chinese new year's eve and not having like hmmmm.. a life. no reunion dinner, no playing with your cousins, no playing mahjong? awww.. it's okay dear, you've already got superb flaming and spelling skills, we can't have everything in life now, can we? (:

bimbo? im sorry baby but only my friends can call me that. sorry kaykay but i really dont think of you as my friend ): so.. yes. maybe next time yea?

"u now what," we'd see who's the bimbo/himbo next time when you're working under me as a little assistant in my mega-corporation, be sure to tell me who you are so we can catch up over coffee kay little benny boy (:

after all, we need to get to know the little people too right, even if they are "PRUELY DISGUSTING". okay not to be mean but if u really wanna eat shit and slugs, you can alright, dont need my approval sweetie! where's your courage to stand up for the things of your own kind of which you love so dearly?

okay so run along now into mommy's arms now little benny boy, because this is a game you don't wanna play. don't come back okay, bimbo weilin isn't used to having gross boy germs underneath my bimbotic little nails ):


anyway thanks for the opinions guys i shall listen to uall and go with 2 for the first day! and maybe 1 for the 2nd day. yay i lovelovelove cny can't wait for later!