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revenge is a dish best served cold.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008 9:28 PM

due to my sudden discovery of my usb cable to my phone, i shall upload a few photos that depicts some of the events of my holidays. please be happy. because i have not uploaded pics for a long time. sortof. yay. today is fullstop day. lots. of. fullstops. today. because. i. like. it. and. some. people. think. i. am. pissed. when. i. talk. with. fullstops. therefore. it. is. fun.

okay events are in backwards chronological order.

zees. is today! yijin sonjia cynth dixun cherie freda and i went arcading today at dhoby ghaut and i have discovered that i AM IN LOVE WITH DAYTONA and dixun taught me how to use manual :D however everytime i use manual always last one lor. then went to the cafe freda's friend called tino works at and sonjia is in love with him. really. oh and cynth's friend came too.

freda and the fabbest person on earth.


1) cine arcade with sonny and mal, mal treated ddr becoz he is a guilty bitch.
2) met chongy and had dinner at new york new york (breakfast for dinner yum)
3) went to watch the ballet "The Nutcracker" with nq

whoohoo i thought id fall alseep during the ballet lor, although it costs 28 bux. BUT I DIDNT. i only ALMOST did 2 times and that is very little and that is ALMOST so it is not counted. the sets were gorgeous i want to live in the village! the ballet was so worth it.

above 2 piccys from second-interval.bs!
SOME DAY IN DECEMBER alvin yijin and i went for SCIENCE BUSKERS AUDITIONS! at the SCIENCE centre la duh which is a damn cool place we spent like abt 3++ hrs thr and we had only xplored one part of it! talk about worth the $$. and of coz v worth coz we got in for free :D
i am so gng back thr someday. soon. hopefully. fullstop. day. remember. ?.
oh and we got through the auditions! all the rvteams got through actually and now it is scary coz we are gna have to busk on orchard road. oh the horror.

alvin the fruit. he totally freaked some random people out when he popped out thinking it was us HAHA.

alvin on the electric chair. yijin the noob didnt want to sit. ): NEITHER DID I HAHA.

this is some damn cool led lights thing like u can press the shape of ur name out!

SPOT US. we are pixelated.

some damn cool thing. like a story telling thing for kids which i so want.

el sleepover!

ningqian and christopher's thing.
my cousins kept coming to our hse.

p2 cousin with dimples and screwy bangs.
this is the "play cards at vivo day" where we played slapjack in the water. we meaning sonny yijin and i.
see the cards on the paper, WET ONE. oh and check out my chio cards. which are unchio in build house. damn sad pls.


us. i would say i look screwed in the picture, however i am not fond of berating and hating me for being me. therefore i shant!

suck on that.

i am considering not doing any zuowens at all muahahahha omg please join me ):

the graveyard book by neil gaiman is niceeeee. i actually quite like these sortof books they are extremely fairytale-like. i want more books leh. pretty please with Cherie the Cherry on top. but HORH i got no more space in my bookshelf LIAO i have resorted to stacking piles of books on the table below my window.

insert something random here i have suddenly lost all my thoughts.