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i dont cry on the outside anymore
Thursday, December 18, 2008 9:59 AM

"the only good thing about being sick is how great you feel after that"

i totally agree. i think i got that from a book or a movie or something, but omg being sick truly madly deeply SUCKS.

after coming back from chris' that day, i puked my guts out at night and ran a fever. my back was aching like a bitch and i could barely WALK from my bed to the living room and when i did walk, i walked like an old woman.

im okay now though still a little fragile.

el sleepover at chris' house had a grand total of 4 people: chris nq yj and i (i lied and told my mom there were 10 of us) but it was ok. sonny came in the afternoon and watched us mahjong, we watched juno & mean girls (woOoo), mahjonged again, then we played card games with chips followed by monopoly.

i tell you i am SOO bad at gambling with card games, by the end of in between, bridge, hearts, blackjack, poker, build house, i had only the hundred dollar chip and one fifty dollar chip left. -_- oh and i spent 8000 bux building a hotel on queen astrid park and whoever landed on it had to pay $20,000!!!! BUT NOBODY DID.

..until i became bankrupt and fell asleep on the table. and then someone did and NOBODY woke me up to claim my $20,000. on purpose. i shall have my revenge one day, monopoly players. oh why do i love the games of which i am so bad at?!

im sorry for pangseh-ing my dear friends yesterday, i wanted to ddr but i think just walking to the bus stop would have caused my death. and shirleen again i dont rly think i can walk around town today, although i am going for my science busker auditions (i know, weilin + science = HUH?!) later.

i am honestly rather scared. iz okay. wish me luck xoxo