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i am addicted to using :B smileys
Friday, October 10, 2008 8:21 PM


as in, the things we do after the exam that is. and during study break.

studybreak consisted a lot of hanging out at je library, djmax and endless rounds of DDR.

DDR is funfunfun dadeedeedadeedeedadeedeedadeedeedeedeedeedadeedeedadaDA~

(mehehehe oh i dont mean to brag but i have improved by leaps and bounds in djmax and only broke a few times! and the other times when i break too much i get pissed off and restart the song. oh and max combo-ed 2 songs tyvm!)

and every friday of the exam week, we pretend that eoys are over and go slum around like little hooligans. end of years are expensive times, last friday we watched

MUST WATCH! i laughed my ass off at this with its hilarious bimbotic lines.

"i gotta meet that friking bird!"

"wow, who knew steam was hot?"

"your pecs are sexy, kiss me!"

eye candy overload too, the girls in this movie were hawwwwwt!

then today, we went to have macs breakfast (yum) after math paper (which sucked) and after spending a lot of time standing in the middle of nowhere being sian, nq and liar went home and abt half an hour later we decided to catch a(nother) movie.


super eggciting, i was hugging my brother's crumpler the whole time being freaked and gasping once in a while. thrilling car chases, hot hot hot lead actor (whom cherie now proclaims as her boyfriend for now and ever) and freaky this-could-really-happen kind of story line.

"you're activated."

shia labeouf really is hawt, cynchoo and i were remembering his Even Steven days after the movie. his stubble is Sexy.

speaking of actors, i think it is amazing that actors and actresses look chio and lovable and hug-worthy when they cry, but when you cry you just look like a fugly puffy piece of shit. like felicia chin. and Miss Wassername on the 7oclock show.

oh anw today, cherie loh unglam ass was total ownage today. cos the 7-11 at vivo ran out of hot water, so we went to the Cheers at the harbourfront mrt. & we only had $3.40 between us and couldnt afford 2 of the cheapest cup noodles. ): so we called yj for help and slacked at the hot water place.

and there was this rather cute looking nachos machine with a red squishy button, which you push to make the cheese come out. AND THEN HERIE OH WENT TO PRESS IT :O

then, the cheese started FLOWING out onto the base of the machine.

we exchanged horrified looks and i gave her a little push and we both RAAANNNN out of Cheers. and we continued running till we were at the link between vivo and the train station and then we COLLAPSED and laughed until my stomach and her throat damn pain la!!

and we sat there, gaining the stares of everyone who walked past. and put our tins-as-wallets in front of us and i ordered cherie to sing for money for cup noodles.

but of course, we waited for yijin to come rescue us instead. and we went to the OTHER Cheers at harbourfront cos we were too embaressed to go back there. peng3-ed our cup noodles back to our usual place and the haegen daz dudes totally laughed at our plight.

bwahaha anw i recently changed my wallet!