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Saturday, September 13, 2008 5:02 PM

i want EOYS to be over so that i can go playyyyyy!

i want to go to kbox, to play with diet coke and mentos, to ddr the day away, to play bball, to swim, to go on movie marathons, to shop till my feet give way, to play soccer with el, to mahjong and bridge, to explore every little corner of this little island, to cycle rollerblade have carrotcake satay desserts :D , to soak in the salty sea till my skin looks like prunes, to sit in page one and read all day, to camwhore, to go for chalets, to travel the world and to dance across rooftops.

now, that's one looong sentence.

anyway i realise i get super agitated and have big reactions over tv shows and movies and what not. especially when i watch channel 8 drama serials id go !@#$%^ "omgwtf the person is behind you!!!!" "awwww so sweeeet!" "WALAO SHES SUCH A BITCH!" "NOOOOOOOO~!"

and then proceed on to discuss why channel 8 serials are so predictable or why this actor is so hot or exclaim that the stupid husband stealer is making me pissed off thus im going to STOP WATCHING THE SHOW and end up watching it anyway.

which reminds me of the time cherie shirleen and i went to watch The Happening. cherie sat in between shir and i and we were so freaked out and scared that shir pinched her repetitively on one side and i grabbed her and said omgomgomgomgomg all the time.

and then there's watching Scary Movie 4 at the disco chalet.everyone kept scaring yantong and i coz we were like the only ones who were scared by that stupid movie. and we watched resident evil too. that, i watched from in between my fingers.

and there's borat, which the bunch of us didnt even watch coz we were busy washing chicken wings and being pissed off at 2b chalet. and im not stupid 2, which made tears well up in my eyes watching it alone at the laptop.

so many movies, so many memories. lets like go create more memories manxz i cant wait for twilight and hsm3 :D and perhaps the rare scary movie to freak out over once in a while. the thrill is immensely um.. thrilling!

i had a damn weird dream last night. i dreamt that i was in Australia on a homestay programme and i was paired with this aussie bitch who got a girl to sing backstage for her while she lipsynced in this competition. i was frigging scared of her and contemplated saying i had an emergency and needed to go back home to Singapore, but in the end stayed cos i wanted to go shopping -_-

then nicole shirlynn (really random) and i went to this thrift shop in aus and we tried on clothes together in this room with a huge bed and lots of windows and curtains. it had a sign that said "for your convinience and pleasure" or smth to that extent and i somehow inferred that the room was for people to have sex in.

damn friking weird.

and thankyou chongchong for treating me to the cheesecake stick on friday. it was yummaye and i love it when people treat me to stuff, i always feel damn loved wahahaha.