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Friday, April 06, 2007 9:27 PM

*blows inch dust from the surface*

hello. (:
im back. for a while.
while reading people's blogs i suddenly came back to mine. heehee. after seeing tags decided to bloggggg. haha. ohman i totally love you guys for tagging during my hiatus. ;D

ANYWAY. in all in all. lots of things happened lately.
the horrible maths test,
retail therapy (result of the horrible maths test),
queensway debate,
panic at the disco (!),
the appearance of the frilly polka dotty pencil case,
and muchmuch more gathering dust at the back of my brain.

emo is so done. weilin on the other hand is special.
thus weilin is emotional.
i worry too much for my own good. really. something tips my boat and i act like the sky is falling. worrying is bad you know. makes my daydreams much less pleasent than it usually is.
i daydream about situations. kind of weird but ahem special.
i dream of what happens when...
what if...
and 'ohperlease. no!'...
when i worry i cant daydream properly, until the problem is solved. sigh. there are too many thoughts plugging up my brain recently. as you grow up. decisions stop being something that only concerns you. other factors and people are pulled into the equation too.

okie. letme go down the list.
odyssey of the mind..! next friday and saturday..! starts panicking like the headless chicken..!
read: weilin has really got to try harder. much. harder.
according to yijin, schools actually hold interviews for people who want to join om. ohdear. i was just pretending not to be worried.
i just. really.really.really. want to go to america. T_T

ive kind of been helping out in backstage recently. as in during runs and all.
we have come a long way. (we better, have syfs like what. next wed?!)
but we could do better. time to go all the way baby. we can do it okie.
yay. love el.

horrible maths test
results on monday..! ahh. *faints*
one word. its simply..

retail therapy
much funner than the horrible maths test. spent lots of money aft the maths test la. and guess what it really made me forget about it okie. (:
went for therapy with family and lqnq *hugs*

cancel out the hug for family.
stupid mum. made me show her the post. wth.

queensway debate
we wonnnn the debate. hehehe.
it was super frightening since it was like what. my first time speaking. and the proposition speaker's name was coincidentally weiling. hurhur. so fun.
we won but i could have done much better. sighs. nevermind.
however we didnt get into the next round...! bleah. and KC and evergreen got in. like.. =X

p.s: the IKEA at tampiness is hugeee.
i wish i lived in a IKEA store.