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Friday, March 09, 2007 10:19 AM

she says "i love you" and then you say

thanks for all ur wellwishes guys. ^^ im waaaay better now. except that i still sound like a bloody frog. hopefully i can go back to school in the afternoon. i still need to clear all that junk from underneath my table and I WANT TO WATCH THE DEBATE! rahh.

(but i also want to watch hana kimi leh ._.)

its nice to be sick every once in a while. although i feel like crap its relaxing to lie in bed all day and watch daytime tv. the tara banks show and 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter is really growing on me. ;D

but when ure sick. u always feel like uve missed out on something.
rahh. nevermind. paranoidism.

ohdear. everybodys all stressed up because of progress reports. i feel errr relieved (?!) that i havent gotten mine. but why do i have a feeling that somebody is going to scold my ear off after PTM today?

ooers thanks for all ur tags guys. hehe. loveyouall.
and very funny yijin *narrows eyes*

p.s: world's funniest animals isnt very funny.