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Friday, February 16, 2007 11:15 PM

weilin was feeling emo. coz the aircon wasnt turned on.
now im not so emo. coz the aircon is turned on.
im weird.

joke of the day ^^:

liqin ningqian and i were at coffee bean and we were damn full. and we drank only about half of our drinks. =X SOSOSOSO nq came up with the firing squad game to play while forcing the sickly-nice ice mocha/the ultimate/hot chocolate down our throats. hee and our punishment was to drink a nongnong gulp of our drinks.

the firing squad game is basically something like sb giving the player a word then the player must come up with another word tts related to the word immedietly *evil music plays* hee then we were being evil pigs to lq by giving her all the difficult words during her turn.

"justin timberlake" -nq

"brand" -lq said nonchalantly in an innocent way

HAHAHHAHAHA isnt it like damn funnayyy?! xDD
okie so it doesnt sound very funny written down. but the way lq said it was so cute lorh! we were laughing like 3 big goons thr and we kept teasing lq abt it!!

i think she got confused with timberland. x)
we gave her lots of tests aft tt. think salvatore ferragamo beyonce all american rejects. singer/band/brand?

*dingding* joke ends. cue to laugh and tag going "HAHA OMG TT WAS SO FUNNY"

sooooo. as i was kindof saying. went vivo/harbourfront-ing with ningqian and liqin today. walao so nong nvr go out with all 3 of us present la. blame it on our crazy schedules.
we werent wearing school u. thankgod. otherwise there wld most likely be complaints of hyenas by now. and throughout the day we were like dodging rvians.

rvians approach.
we start whispering nonsensically and saying dont look dont look.
goes into some random shop
pretend we are super rich brats with daddy's credit card

and there was a time when we dashed into mu-ee. and got horribly frightened by the stupid jack in the box. wth it was srlsy freaky. if it wasnt a pig in jester's costume id probably be under cardiac arrest now.
ahhhhh!!! think babyish pop goes the weasel tune as we turn and then BOOM out pops the stupid pig with a POOOOK sound. when i first turned it i got a big shock. then nq started turning it and when left a bit of time she didnt dare to continue and passed it to liqin. then liqin cautiously turned it and then when it POOOKed out we all screamed.

then in my haste to pretend nothing happened, i closed the box on lq's thumb.
then lq screamed.

did i mention how glad i was not to be in school uniform? xDD

the other memorable thing was gg to coffee bean. we hunted coffee bean down for ages and ages. T_T coz starbucks was overspilling. then yea la we played the game above. btw the hot chocolate at coffee bean tastes like liquid-ified popcorn. blearghs. oo and we cam whored and played with a bit of water at sky garden.

gahh. our original motive was to play at the sky garden. but it was so damn hot. and after visiting the shops we were complaining that we were poor and kept talking bad abt different ___ schs girls coz they were all carrying forever 21 topshop lalalala plastic bags and we felt like stealing them. and we wanted to go bugis. T_T

so in all we mostly ate/drinked/talked and didnt play much. and we did a lot of trying on shoes at vivo's cheap neighbour. hahahha nq, lq you guys are the sweetest. ^^

okie. my posts nowadays are very the recount.
aiyah. let the dumb unblonde's brain rest la. give her a hug as a reward for not being paranoid/obsessive/emo.

i shall recount CNY celebration. x)
actually i cant coz i cant rly rmb anything significant tht made me think and laugh the whole day. but it was nice being with some of disco and singing and dancing like people who ought to be straitjacketed with 2b.

thankyous for ur vday stuffs whoever gave me vday stuffs coz you made debates sweeter.
thankyou yantong for the orange. gahh its damn cute. xD
thanks shirleen for the mars bars!
thankyou the people who tagged! ^^
[yp, id try la. its kind of a hard habit to kick and my vice. x) lol. sonnnnny tsk cheryls a junior. LOL thankyou estee tseyin and cherie. ohmysky jammy i missed you! D+ happy vday to u too sweetie hope everything goes well. ;D. HEE gracee exactly!]

thankyou for the people whom i borrowed money from and havent returned coz my new year is gg to be damn sui1.