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Sunday, February 11, 2007 10:11 AM

today is a day that i absolutely cant wait to go to school.
things need to be settled.
overall. things feel like a governement. overthrow. petition. like =.-

yea i was super duper unhappy with the seating arrangement. [and STILL AM BTW!] but yea this taking too much of extreme measures. what is wrong with the things now? i see no need for change and im sure tht the class agrees with me as well.

its so sudden i didnt have proper time to react. like wth.


this few weeks have been damndamndamn busy for me. so sorry i cldnt post!! eeps.
but guess what!
*evil laughter and does a victory dance*
gahh it was so coool. im so proud of the team! WE DID IT! though i wasnt speaking i was like so worried for them. nvm abt the whole not reading too much for the scripts things, we can and we WILL improve!

wah we seriously like put in lots of effort lo. heh maybe not so much of me seeing tt i was there mainly for the xposure but hey we reached home at like 10 plus every night for the past week ok. hest and i could identify when a new advertisement comes out on the mcdonalds tv. =.-

and when we went for the late night debate on thursday at vivo sky garden, a grp of guys walked past and said "wah rv. hardcore muggers'.
wakaka. see what a good impression debators have left on the general public? ^^

yayyee. and last night was the disco reunion dinner! GAHH too bad not everybody could make iot la. it would have been so much more fun. xDD but it was overalley fun alr. hehe and guzheng was so nice to treat the ingredients buying ppl to a fondue. *drools* almost all the seniors came back and cam whoring using ____ pose was just too funnnnnny!

esp when yantong looked so superifically cute doing that. =PP

okie. i know this post is not up tp my usual er 'standards'. but heck. i havent had my breakfast. *glares* shall post a elaborate [aka nobody can understand me. wheeeeee] post next time.

btw. this fa ru xue video is bloody funny. i read the english translated lyrics i can ROFL. i suppose its correct but it just seems weird. =.- the words got unbeautiful-ified

your hair is like snow making our parting chillingly beautiful
whos moved by my (offerings of) incense?

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