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Sunday, February 25, 2007 12:02 AM

all the harm from dropping my phone 123456789 times is like taking its toll now. T_T
it keeps dying on me. argghhh
actually i dont really like my phone. coz its scratched and the paint has peeled off in many places. its no longer as prettilicious.
now im nuts over slide phones. i keep taking my aunties samsung out of its juicy pouch (oh envy on both counts) and sliding it up and down and up and down. xD

GAHHH i know i havent been updating. coz ive been really erm busy? heehee.

working backwards, i had some dinnery thing at my uncles house today. the food sucked, the company sucked, the atmosphere sucked. the house was filled with my cousins and cousins of my cousins and related relatives. before (and after) the (disgusting) buffet arrived, everybody was hanging arnd and the cousins(and cousins of cousins) were stuck to the com. the king of bengs playing the computer and the underdogs watching, wishing that they were the king of bengs.

so they could play the exciting riveting mind boggling MAPLE STORY. *claps*

the food sucked btw. lots of leftovers.

aiyahh i know im damn cynical. but hey. youre not the pariah sitting with the oldies reading meg cabot while they talk 'bout da good ole times. [okie so i didnt know what they were talking about coz they were talking in dialect and my uncle love being sarcarstic].

shit i hate these stupid annual buffet thingies.

it seriously sucks. ive never been close to that (aka my mum's) side of the fam and ive always thought they were quite cheena. okie la tt sounds so mean but its trueeeee. and weilin always has one sore point that is MY COUSIN LOST MY BELOVED BOUGHT SOON AFT RELEASE HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. damn. one day im gg to hack into his whatever account and make him lose his whatever-y items.

plus. weilin is feeling the age gap with the cousins. those my age are guys who live breathe and eat gaming. the only time ive ever bonded with them was when we were young and for recently, an all expense paid for trip to a LAN shop for counter strike (i lost miserably) and dota (they told me where to go where to press where to park my little extra character to 'guard' the dunowhat)

as for the lone pri 4 girl. she asks weird questions and i give weird replies. things are just weird.

my daddys side are all little kiddies whom i love to irritate and act superior to. WAHAHA. but im closer to them la. however cant bring myself to play cooking and make swimming pools in the shower with them anymore.

i have some other cuzzies i didnt talk abt on both sides. but they are all long interesting melodramatic stories (i mean it lorh) and its not very nice to say la.

haiyo. ranted so long on cuzzies. O.O

anyway. debates on friday was hmm. interesting. juniors came in and jere gave them an overview on debates. eeyeer. read frm blogs tt they said debates is boring. hmphhhs is not lorhh! okie. thoughts have been running through head on what id say next but decided id say nth more. xD [coz itd probably end up with flying tomatoes]

except for the thing tt they said the coach was ____. HAHAHA. aww u aint seen nothing yet sweeties.

heahfaehfiajsadjas the motion is coming out this friday. helloooo busy clash-ey schedules. konnichiwa fattening chicken killing mcdonalds. ni hao doing hw while nobody is looking. rahh.
hmm. wonder if the ads at mac changed yet? ^^

ahemahem. warning. sry the nxt part may sound kindof emo-ey but its not supposed to be. its just hmm. thoughts?

thought 1:
weilin is not sad. just feeling bleargh-ey. hopesdreamswishes.inc is a company. aww its so sad but their fluctuating performance has come to and end. coz a yummy info.inc comes along and bankrupts the company. hopesdreamswishes.inc becomes valueless. whats a company without value. just let if sink. sink to the bottom of the ocean. (HAH nicole)

thought 2:
everybody is in a lovehate relationship. we love each other for some thing and when we get angry we turn to another person to rant about xxx. in a sick twisted way it bonds people. a platform for people to spew out their anger and have a shared dislike (on the bad days).

im not saying its this cardinal sin for people to do it coz hell, i do it as well. but the theory of it doesnt sound good la. a so called good friend will confront the person of whatever the person is angry about. but its not true most of the time coz everybody doesnt dare/like to so called scold the person. ooers weilin included. =X

and people who are like 'say it to may face' are just saying it coz no one would actually dare say it to your face.theres the whole being hurt thing if the person saying it was close to you, and if the person dont give a shit about you. theyd ask you to **** off and i dont ****ing care about you la who are you anyway those kind of things.

which i am sure is an extremely mature and objective reflective way of accepting bad comments about yourself.

anyway. dont read into this part and dissect it coz its a general way of seeing it la. its the truthhh. or if it doesnt apply to you its okie. coz weilin find it applies. ._.

blahh its 1.24 am. i was supposed to chiong hw tonight.
supposed to.
but i chose not to.
or perhaps im going to.


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