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Thursday, February 15, 2007 7:29 PM

blogger reminds me of an unreasonable old poke.

my seat sucks. because of its GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION and POPULATION. fyi. im sitting right in front of the teachers table where, if you look hard enough, you can play count the teachers nosehairs.

teachers talk sooooper fast. and im like damn scared they'd spit saliva on me. =X urghhhs i feel damn grossed out just thinking about it. plus shir cherie and cyn are all far far away and the only person i can chat to properly is stephanie. but since im sitting at teachers pet seat i cant keep turning around to talk to wo3 de4 tai4 yang2, i feel like a leper. not to mention the fact that i have an absolutely charming desk partner who never fails to amuse me like how he entertains others with things that i think is oh-so-funny.

whatever. for mr ho's and my sanity's sake, i shall ren3. bite the insides of my cheek and laugh like i really mean it. grr.

they say the larger the surface area, the faster liquid evaporates.
blame it on my microscopic eyes.

vday is chocolate coated. yumyum. gahh i spent too much money on monday. ahemahem thanks to shirleens craving for toast box! and promptly forgot to get more money sososo weilin got a candy sweet lunch on vday. gosh. vday makes me put on weight. D+ sugar rush. x)

*shakes head and points finger* you all arhhh~ go out on ur dates and leave the poor old maid at home kintting in her rocking chair. haiyo!

whenever i start blogging i suddenly mysteriously forgot what i wanted to say. x) bleah.
to end off. words can make or break a person.

you may say them carelessly but they hurt more than cheries pinches tht wake me up in class.asshole. all the stupid meaningless vulgur words that sprinkles salt all over, i also can say. its just that i choose not to and shout them instead my head instead.

ass. go and die la.


lala thankyous dearest people who tagged. xDD
esp for ppl like tse yin and jess who mass tag. whooo~~ i have such adorable juniors.

and yijin and asthmaticlaughter. hurhur not so adorable la. WHOOPS. =X LOL.

oh and i rmb one more thing alr.
i hope the juniors get btr. so far cheryl seems the nicest. LOL. so unfair the ahemahem cca dept peopleeee (!) dont let the super cute si ying in. hmph we shall rock in syf and debates and watch them grovel and kiss our ass.