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Saturday, January 27, 2007 10:20 PM

everybody has been emo-ing.
peoplepeople be happy!


sighs. weilin kind of misses disco. as in everybody tgt in a big event. i miss the night of the SC camp. with the J1s and disCo tgt.

nicole shereen, cheer and smile up ok. we WILL survive everything and no matter how bad things seem to be, there'd always the ray of sun shining through the clouds, that is disCo. we only realise how much we miss things when they are no longer here. let us treasure 28disco before its gone. )=

my eyes are going hua1 from doing the duty roster.
*coughs and pushes up glasses* doing the duty roster is a supremely important job seeing that an adequate grasp of patterns making and human psychological behaviour is neccessary in decisions making like these. *coughs and eats a strepsil*

anyway. went for the chairpersontreasurer thing today. heh. had *cough* profits.talk about apollo cakes (which werent actually that nice), oreo cookies and ice lemon tea! like yay. +D heh. maybe mrgan will be a good disco tchr aft all. ^^ then went to je lib for the cny thingyy. eehee we were thr laughing like mad little kids. =x but nice and innocent mad little kids.


debates season is soonsoonsoon. the motion is coming out soonsoonsoon.
fine. lets un-cheena-punk-ify ourselves and not live in lala land. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
*jumps on the bed and starts screaming*

weilin likes to live in peace. ^^ philo questions dont give her as much sastisfaction now. in a bizzare way they were particularly hmmm.. interesting when i was angry.

weilin strives for inner peace, outer peace, everywhere peace. she hopes despites hilly bumps and toilet breaks, everything on the road will be ok in the end.

weilin wants to watch the sunrise with disco and eL. *pouts*

and while im at it,
weilin wants brown havianas, a thick gold belt and that prettiful white satchel from zinc as well. +DD

thankyous my dears for all your tags! though i havent reply, arghs blame it on laziness, ive read everyone of it and they all brought a smile to my face. thankyou for making me smile.^^
ive cheered up and hope to remain cheered up.
& shereen dear. im NOT transferring to nyghs. =.-
charlotte, will relink soon. xD
and heloo dear juniors. ^^